black wealth media


Who are we?

Black Wealth Media is a Montreal based company, which develops and produces Afrocentric content. We then distribute on our web platform to encourage socially innovative networking within the film community and culturally diverse communities throughout Canada and internationally.

Why are we doing this?

Being of Afro-descent, our personal reality is affected daily by the social and financial unbalance that Canadians of marginalized backgrounds live everyday. Being sensitive to the need of social and cultural evolution is at the heart of Black Wealth Mediaʼs infrastructure and core values. We plan to stay aware and grow with the needs of our society, making sure our Afrocentric content reflects this at all times. While providing a safe place for Black filmmakers to tell the stories that are important to them.

Black Wealth Media encourages and nourishes marginalized Canadians of culturally diverse backgrounds, to share, grow, create, encourage, learn and work together. This not only generates a positive exchange but also helps to give back to our communities.

Black Wealth Media sees an enormous value in providing a safe artistic environment that can help enhance the dialogue between individuals, industry leaders, artists,academics and so on, throughout our own communities and beyond.

Our team