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2020 - Session

For emerging artists

Details of the mentorship program being offered, are as follows:

Black Wealth Media, in association with Black on Black Films, offers 40 Afro-descendant emerging artists the opportunity to make and promote Afro-centric short films under the guidance of film and media professionals. The support will be a combination of master classes in group settings and practical work, one on one.

Candidate criteria

Afro-descendant emerging artists, living in the Greater Montreal area.

Disciplines accepted for mentorship

Cinema, all genres: narrative & non-narrative - fiction & non-fiction - classical & experimental… Each participant will make his own film by end of session

Social Media & Promotion: participants will use social media tools to each promote two of the films being produced throughout their session.

Web Design & Marketing: participants will create web designs inspired by two of the films being produced throughout their session.

Mentorship’s objective

  • Train and promote a new wave of Afro-descendant filmmakers.

  • Support the integration of the societal and cultural specificities of Afro-descendant communities into the development of stories that are grounded in the Canadian reality.

  • To distribute authentic Afro-centric original works.

  • Forge a loyal and supportive audience

Session Breakdown


  • Writing (workshop + individual meetings = writing your own short film script)

  • Director (master class + individual meetings = making your own short film)

  • Production (master class + individual meetings = management of the production of your own short film)

  • Post-production (master class + individual meetings = prepping your editing session and assisting the editor.)

Social Media & Promotion: (two films each participant during their session)

  • Develop and maintain social media presence

  • Plan a crowdfunding campaign

  • Promote and manage a launch event per social media

Web design & marketing:

Create interactive Web page designs that are inspired by the films produced during the mentorship program, while also addressing marketing needs for today’s film industry.

  • Marketing concepts for film on the web

  • Networking platform designs

  • Distribution platform designs

Number of candidates selected

Cinema: 20 participants (10 per session)

Social Media & Promotion: 10 participants (5 per session)

Web design & marketing: 10 participants (5 per session)

What to expect

The chosen emerging artists will participate in training workshops during which they will acquire more than the basics of the eligible disciplines. Throughout the 3 to 5 months (part-time) of the program, they will be accompanied by professionals and will have access to various tools to produce films, host them on an attractive site and promote them nationally.


Deadline: October 20th 2019 before midnight.


Must state preference for both written and verbal  (Bilingualism a plus). 

Projects accepted in both English or French.

Duration of mentorship program

4 months on a part-time basis.

Start of sessions 

January 6th 2020

Cost of program

Although this program is free of charge, we prefer candidates with an entrepreneurial spirit so that they are able to mobilize the necessary resources to produce their project and continue beyond the mentorship program.

Project assessment

  • Submissions will be evaluated by a selection committee composed of the artistic director, producer, program coordinator, and 2 Black on Black Films mentors.

  • All projects will be evaluated on merit and the selection will take into consideration the comparative value of the projects.

  • In a desire for parity, inclusion and equality, the selection committee wishes to form 2 sessions of emerging Afro-descendant artists who reflect a diversity of ideas, approaches, genders, identities and sexual orientations.

Evaluation criteria

The evaluation committee will consider the following program objectives and criteria:

  • Artistic and/or promotional and/or technical interest of the project.

  • Feasibility of your project.

  • Artistic quality and originality of previous achievements.

Evaluation steps

  • Receipt and verification of eligibility.

  • Selection of finalists by the selection committee, composed of professionals and members of Black on Black Films.

  • The finalists will verbally present their project to the selection committee during an interview.

  • Communication with selected candidates who must reiterate their availability.

Provide the following documents for your application (PDF format)

  • C.V./Resume

  • Cover letter:

  • Artistic background and approach

  • Tell us about your "Black Experience”

  • Cinema Category:

  • A summary, synopsis or idea of the short film project, maximum 1 page

  • A web link to your demo or portfolio folder (optional)

  • Proposed project (genre, framework, narrative, cinematographic references etc…)

  • Social Media & Promotion Category:

  • A short summary, synopsis or idea of your point of view

  • Your relationship with Social Media (how you use it, interest etc…)

  • Your perspective on discoverability while using social media

  • Any Promotion experience (optional)

  • Web design & Marketing Category:

  • A short summary or idea on approach to web design

  • A web link to your demo or portfolio folder (optional)

  • Your relationship with the web (how you use it, interest etc…)

  • Your perspective on discoverability while using the web

  • Any Marketing experience (optional)

  • All candidates should also include:

  • A description of your entrepreneurial and/or solution oriented capacity

  • Subjects and themes that are dear to you

All documents (PDF) must be grouped together in a single zip file.

Requests should be sent by e-mail to Mariah Inger, project coordinator, only to the following address:

With the subject line:  Black Ink - Encre Noire Application followed by the chosen discipline (cinema, film promotion, website creation and design)

Proof of commitment

An agreement will be signed with the selected artists and BWM


The selected artist undertakes to:

  • Carry out your project as planned

  • Notify as soon as possible of his/her inability to carry out the writing project and the activities resulting from it during the course of the planned exercises.

  • Publicly acknowledge the contribution of BWM and Canadian Heritage and their partners by reproducing the logos within its programs, brochures, pamphlets, website and other promotional materials.


Only selected candidates will be notified of the decision by email. No decision will be transmitted by telephone.

For more information

Mariah Inger

coordinator of the Black Ink - Encre Noire project

FILING DATE: October 20th 2019 before midnight